Baby Wells Gender Reveal

Gender reveeeaaallll!!!!!!!!!⠀
You Guys!! I don’t even know how I just chose only 10 photos out of 67 to share on here. But I did and there should be a reward for that!! ⠀
Baby wells is a freaking ____________! ⠀
So I went with her to her ultrasound appointment and I was given an envelope with baby _______written. My sister had no idea and I was the only one who knew so that I could do what your about to read...⠀
After we left I ran to the bulk barn and dollar store, stocked up on cotton candy because my sis loves cotton candy (funny the only cotton candy colour the dollar store had in stock was the one I needed yayyy!!) ⠀
Then I went to another dollar store because I thought well, we can’t do this without some sort of confetti, so I bought a bunch of ribbon and cut it so they could throw this in some of the photos... but the best is yet to come...⠀
I broke into their house haha just kidding she gave me her spare key :P 
And I painted on one of the nursery walls “GIRL” OR “BOY” in pink or blue. 
I literally stood there with my sisters hair dryer (shitty hair dryer if I must, I think this thing was from 1960) trying to dry the dang word for an hour no biggie haha. All while texting Jord (her hubby) where the heck I can find a ladder and an x-acto knife. To the garage I went..⠀
Then when all was dry (finallllllyy) I wall papered over top of the word and set candles and everything up on the floor. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 you wouldn’t be able to see the word or colour behind the paper! ⠀
I stood these two in front of this wall papered wall and had them tear it down to reveal that they were adding a baby ___________to their tribe! ⠀
Their reaction is so sweet, Jord looks In complete shock and I am so freaking happy for them. ⠀
Sometimes I come up with the craziest things but I promise it ain’t for nothin!!! Special thanks to @fx.decorating for the peel and stick wallpaper to make my life easier! -
If you haven’t already- SWIPE to see who baby wells is!!!!!! 🌸💙🌸💙🌸💙🌸💙


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