Alex & Maria

Okayyy you guys, so the other night I got together with Maria and Alex for a FaceTime shoot and it was the friggen best. 
Miles away from me, they got cozy together on the farm, did airplane rides and poured a couple of glasses of wine while I snapped away from my home office. 
Honestly these shoots are just giving me so much life these days. 
I started doing them a couple of weeks ago and then I stopped because the quality wasn’t great and I was super annoyed about that and also believe it or not there’s a lot of photogs out there who don’t agree with them 🤷🏻‍♀️ and so I got in my head about it. 
But then I remembered why I love this gig so much and it comes down to the simple fact that it’s story telling and that’s what drives me, that’s what makes my heart so happy. 
How can I just stop storytelling just because I’m stuck at home and same with you, while there’s so many stories still to be told. Just because there happened to be a pandemic at the same time as you welcoming your first baby into this world does not mean it’s a story that shouldn’t be told. 
The fact we are all quarantined at home is a story to tell, a story that we will tell our grandkids one day. 
These FaceTime sessions have lifted my spirits on days where it’s all a bit much and reminds me why I do what I do.
So I want to continue to tell your story, if your bored in the house and in the house bored let’s do a quick virtual shoot to remember these days. While the days may seem long, awful, confusing, exaughsting and fearful right now, in years to come it’ll be something you can look back on and perhaps see how this pandemic made your life greater. 
These sessions are not to try and make money during these times, that’s not what it’s about AT ALL. I’ve always wanted to help bring awareness to human trafficking specifically and I figured this is a perfect opportunity to do just that, so if you book a FaceTime shoot with me I’m not gonna ask you to pay me, I’m going to ask you to simply give a donation of your choice amount to ( ) it could be $2, $5, $65 or $100 what ever you feel led to give, the ball is in your court. 
Let’s change lives! 🤍


Nicole Leigh Photography