1:1 Mentoring 


I am so excited to finally launch 1 :1 mentorship sessions! 

When I first launched Nicole Leigh Photography there was a decent amount of preparation that went along with that, but also a lot of just going out there and doing it. 

My main goal was to start building a portfolio and if that meant forcing my sister to jump in a 40 year old wedding gown and modelling for me to build somewhat of a wedding portfolio that's what I did. 

It was a lot of youtube videos and a lot of hands on practice. 

It was a lot of asking questions.. asking someone who had what I wanted what they did and following direction. 

It has been in great demand that I start offering mentor sessions.

I have invested in myself and my own business by attended mentor sessions and workshops and I can honestly say it has been one of the most powerful things that I have done for my business in the course of the last 3.5 years. 

I attend at least 1 workshop a year, and sometimes two. 

There is always room for growth and I know how impactful it has been for me. 

These mentor sessions are truly for the one who: 

1. is a mama and has a camera that she wants to take better photos of her kids with (we all know how fleeting this season is) 

2. would like to start their own photography journey if you will and needs just a bit of encouragement and confirmation to do so (hello that was me!) 

3. has been a photographer for years or already has an established business but might need a new light ignited to spark something new. 

Topics that will be covered include: 

*building a portfolio

*Q&A ( my fav because I know how crucial that has been for me and my business) 

*All things social media (95 % of my business comes from instagram) 

*How to organize and manage your life when you work from home and are your own boss (even before photography, I owned my own business so I have been my own boss for close to 8 years now) 

*Learn from my last 4 years of experience in the photography realm and 8 years of being an entrepreneur 

*How to get authentic emotion

*How to direct your clients 

*How to give your clients a great experience 

These mentor sessions will be offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 

The point really comes down to one main thing which is community over competition. There is room for everyone in this world. And everyone brings their own uniqueness and skill to the plate. 

I am so thankful for the photographers who have helped me along the way, and also thankful for the ones who have ignored because there's a lesson in it all, and I think that's why my drive to help someone else is so strong. 

You can't compare someone else middle to your beginning but you can choose to learn from them. 

I learned from my business coach and mentor that you take someone who has what you want and you do exactly what they did. 

In anything in life, if you know parents who have amazing relationships with their kids and thats what you want, then you seek guidance from them and you learn from them. 

If you know someone who manages their money so well and that is something you want to improve on than you ask them questions and you do what they do. 

It's super simple and sometimes I think we try to reinvent the wheel. 

Mentor Session A: 

*45 minutes- 1 hour (in Chatham, On) 

*We will sit down and chat all things photography, business, social media, editing and workflow. With a lot of Q&A time and I'm sure some laughs! 

$375.00 +hst 

Mentor Session B:

*2 hours (in Chatham, On) 

*We will sit down and chat all things photography, business, social media, editing and workflow. With a lot of Q&A time and I'm sure some laughs! 

*45 minutes- 1hour live shoot.We will actually get out and shoot. What ever your niche is I will do my best to find models wether that be family or a couple. The goal is you want to build a portfolio of what you want to attract. Who you want to work with is who you need to be posting on your instagram/facebook/website. So this will give you that opportunity to start booking your dream clients! 

$500.00 + hst 

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