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Rachel + Kaine Motherhood

You guyyyyssss!!! ⠀
Okay so I did a FaceTime shoot today, and it’s up there as one of my favs. ⠀
First of all, have you ever met someone for the first time and you just click, like it feels like you’ve known them longer than a hot minute and you have somethings in common and it’s just like super easy to convo with em? Well that’s Rachel, ⠀
She’s a super incredibly sweet woman I’m so happy I’ve had the chance to meet, and by meet I mean less than 10 hours ago virtually via FaceTime haha.⠀
I could just see how much she’s swooning over her babe Kaine, it doesn’t go unnoticed that she was made to be a mama and a freaking amazing mama at that. She obviously gets it from her mama who I had the pleasure of meeting as she took time out of her day to hold Rachel’s phone for her while I took these photos. I mean come on!! Best mama award goes to Diane! 🤍⠀
I think it’s so special to document motherhood and this session is giving me all of the feels. ⠀
Motherhood is such a beautiful, chaotic season all wrapped up into one epic rollercoaster of emotions. They are only little for so little, eventually they don’t need you like they used to, and it all happens without any warning. One day your holding them up on your lap and the next day they are sitting across the room by themselves. Your tying their little shoes up and the next day they are running into your room excited to announce that they did their own shoes up. ⠀
Motherhood is so beautiful, every part of it even the hard days they still amount to beautiful and I wish more people wanted to document it like this series 🤍⠀


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