Rick + Alora

This distance that you are experiencing is temporary. But the love that you two share is permanent 🤍⠀
Can I just say these two are one heck of a power couple. ⠀
We were supposed to be in Miami last weekend documenting their intimate wedding but instead we were home. And that meant Alora and Rick were 2,309.8 km away from each other in different countries + still are. ⠀
See Rick is in Miami and Alora is in Ontario. ⠀
She was only supposed to be back in her home town for the month of February and the last time I met with her was in a cafe downtown and we were talking about her April wedding and that her visa was so close to being completed. And her April wedding was looking hopeful! Next step we were going to be booking flights + then Covid-19...⠀
It’s cancelled a lot of weddings, a lot of events and shoots and just a heck of a lot of plans. It’s responsible for a lot of crap and uncertainty. But it can’t and won’t cancel love. ⠀
I wanted to do something with Rick and Alora because their story is so unique and the fact that it is being written right now even though their in different countries miles and miles apart, I wanted to do something for them so that they could look back and see what their Love got through. ⠀
It’s tough times all around, and these two are so strong! ⠀
I’m so excited to document their wedding day when ever that may be but for now I’m just super stoked I was able to do this for them. ⠀
This is all just part of their epic love story. ⠀
It’s only gonna get better! ⠀
And one day when their kids and grandkids look at these it’s all proof that dang, their love conquers! ⠀


Nicole Leigh Photography